Specifics for my new project


i’m asking some questions since i am about to buy 10 bulbs from philips hue and wanted to be sure that i can achieve the result i have in mind.

I want to build a light show for a live music performance. I wanted to set 10 bulbs and animate them with your app. I see that there is the possibility to use adobe link to control them. how do i do that? how can i connect the ipad app, the bridge and the laptop all together? which parameters of the bulbs can i control with the app and how fast are the transitions?

What are the software requirements for the ipad and imac?

can i use the white ambience bulbs or only the colored once are supported? is the connection bluetooth?

I know they are a lot of question but i am about to invest quite a lot of money so I wanted to be sure.

thank you, regards,



The Photon App is an Hue Entertainment app, it is a mode of the Hue Bridge

The Photon App supports Ableton Link or midi to synchronize with external sources