SSL2 upload feature available soon?

Hi to everyone, I am new to Photon and this forum.
I have started to evaluate Photon 2 for my needs as a possible way to pilot my fixtures. The first impression is good but…
First thing I noticed is the rather « short » list of fixture profiles available in the app.
I understood you can request the addition of a specific fixture. However, for a faster import, is there a way to upload a ssl2 file in the app or a cloud service? The kind of ssl2 profile you have from another dmx control program ? I have nearly 15000 fixture ssl2 profiles on my hard disk?

Example of fixtures I would like to add to Photon whose ssl2 files are on my hd :

  • Chauvet DJ Swarm5 fx
  • Chauvet DJ Well fit
  • Chauvet DJ Q4BT and Q6BT
  • Chauvet DJ intimidator hybrid 140 SR
  • QTX and Novopro Derby9
  • Showtec Laser Galactic TXT

I have found the ADJ 5PX HEX but not the 5P HEX (maybe the 5PX profile would work). I didn’t find the ADJ MEGA Hex Par as well.

Thank you for your help.

Hi David and welcome !
Photon has a small fixture library, we are trying to increase it. We added a Community Cloud Fixtures synchronization but it is maybe not enough. If you know an open source fixture library with a standard format (like ssl2 for example) we can try to implement the standard and then allow Photon users to imports (even export) fixtures.
I understand that it is very long to create each fixture manually.
Can you send me some ssl2 fixture to see how it is built ?

Thank you, I hope you will enjoy Photon

The SSL2 forrmat is binary. Sending you files won’t help you I’m afraid.
You can download Daslight 4 from Nicolaudie web site:
In the D4 package, you will find scan library which includes thousands of SSL2 profiles and scan library editor which allows you to load, update and save a specific fixture profile.
I have heard about an open source project on SSL2, you can check the link below.

Hope this helps.

Hi @DavidL
I just took a look at the Git repository and unfortunately the plugin is not developed.
I already knew Open Lighting Project but apparently they couldn’t find a developer capable of decoding SSL2 yet. Thank you for the link to the binaries, we will see if it is possible to create this plugin (Photon’s devs rock!).
I think that it could be a good idea to implement this import in Photon to compensate for the fact that our device library is a bit small.

Thank you David !