Stage Traxx or Audiobus audio support


Many people who use the app Stage traxx also use Photon now (see stage traxx community forum), so it would be nice if we could get the beat of stage traxx into Photon.
Stage traxx can’t implement Ableton Link so this is not an option.
The auto-detection of the beat in Photon is nice but runninc on the Ipad Mic, which is a proble for many bands who have in ear monitors.
Ideally photon would receive the sound from stage traxx or could bu used in an app like audiobus which can perform audio routing.
Any chance you could implement such a feature ?

I honestly think that a love story needs to happen between these two app, this would be a revolution and there is a market ! Also Peter from Stage traxx seems as cool a Clem, both forum are run with passion. Guys make it happen <3

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Stagetraxx can send tempo (every song can be set) and so it is possible to send, question is can photon receive. CC64

Peter is simply the best developer I’ve ever known and worked with. He listens to his clients as much as possible and deserves way more credit than all of us even give him, even after years of using his app.

Can photon receive tap tempo msgs via midi?

Hey !
As said by @Jem24h, the protocol used by Photon to synchronize its clock is Ableton link but Stagetraxx doesn’t integrate it.
Their is no others programmatic way to do that for the moment. Maybe it exists an app to interpret audiobus or other protocol and transform it into ableton link, I don’t know.

Also, of course, thank you very much for this encouragement, we are a team of 3 passionate guys who create this app with the heart :heart:

Happy that you like our work and thank you for your feedback, it always help us be better