„Sticky“ Group Settings

I’m a new Photon Customer and try to setup everything.
I experienced a strange behaviour that I didn’t expect. Settings of groups seems to be sticky although the little symbols in the group ring is only active at one group.
So, when I am in „Light Control“ mode and then move the position of only the left moving head vi the „left Stage“ group the positions stays as an „offset“, even if I move both moving heads with my moving head group and the position icon is only active at the moving head group.

Same when I set for example the color red for the „left Stage“ group it stays active, so i cant set all Spots („par Spots“ group) to blue. But the left spots will turn pink (blue and red).
I hope you understand what I mean. I have screenshots of the DMX Viewer too, but can’t post them as a new user.

If you have a fixture in multiple groups (e.g. in Left Stage and Par Spots) the result can be a mix (combination) of both DMX settings on the fixture. Personally, I found this very difficult to manage and have followed the rule “1 fixture = 1 group”. It makes it easier for me to control my setup (8 PARs, 2 moving heads, 1 multi-function bar). You can then create a “Left Stage” Preset and maintain independent control of each fixture.

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Yes, I agree with @mchrysoc, thank you for your help !
If you put the same fixture in 2 different groups you will have the fusion result of the 2 groups parameters.

For example, if Mooving head left is both in “Left Stage” and “Moving Heads” it will merge the two positions. I suggest you to put your moving head only in “Left Stage” for this example.

Hmm okay, my assumption was that only the properties represented by those litte symbols are actively controlling the fixtures.

Like here in this case, that Position is only controlled via „Left Stage“ and „Right Stage“ and Color is set via „Par Spots“ and „Moving Heads“
So are the litte Symbols and yellow Points only indicating which settings will go into Presets?

Yes it is ! You can’t use a group to manipulate only one fixture property.
It is maybe not very intuitive but this symbol inform the users lasts changes that can be included in a new preset.

In Live mode, the symbol is red and it represents the property override : for example you can play a sequence and force (override) pink color to a group.

I hope it will help you to understand