Strobing Between Preset Fades

I have 4 generic pars that I’ve used successfully for years with a DMX desk. Since changing to the Photon, they are strobing during fades between presets. All the custom controls seem to work fine.
I have 4 other pars (another brand) that don’t strobe during fades.
Any thoughts would be appreciated.

I had a similar issue with one brand of lights. I found that when I tried to send them a solid blue color the lights would flicker. I’ve no explanation why, but slightly tweaking the color just a bit stopped them flickering. So, during fades when they passed pure blue for a moment they would flicker. I nailed it down by going through the scenes one at a time till I figured this out. Maybe you have the same problem. Must be a software glitch between photon and that brand of lights.

That is it! Same issue. My guess is there is an issue with the refresh rate of the DNX converter and the light. But only on one colour is odd.

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