Syncing tempo with Logic Pro via local network

Hi there, I’ve just bought Photon pro & I’ve been trying to get Photon to sync it’s bpm with Logic.

I can get Logic to send midi signals to Photon using a local network (via audio midi set up, instructions here in case it’s useful for anyone: Share MIDI information over a network in Audio MIDI Setup on Mac – Apple Support (UK))

I’ve tried to send the midi clock to Photon using the Logic guidelines here (Sync multiple MIDI devices to Logic Pro – Apple Support (UK)) & selecting local network but couldn’t get it to work.

Any help or ideas to get this working are greatly appreciated!


Hello @verbvibes and welcome on the community !
Sorry but Photon’s MIDI feature is to control dashbord, you can trigger buttons and faders with MIDI keyboards or softwares. You can use MIDI clock.

You can sync your tempo with the mic or with the Ableton Link protocol