Tabs for Presets & Sequence


I just painted a feature for Presets & Sequences. Generally, you create a preset and add several presets together to a sequence. With a lot of fixtures this could get really messy.
This could solve the problem. There might be some graphical bugs in the picture but you know what I mean.

Hi @Jonny !
You are asking for a feature to filter only presets, sequences or all ? That’s it ?
I am adding your suggestion to our development roadmap, it could be very convenient and improve the user experience.
Thank you very much for this good idea.

Hey @Cclleemm
That’s what I am asking for in this feature request.
Should be pretty easy. Something like two buttons and each displaying the attribute “preset” or “sequence” I guess.

Multiple pages (four dots on the bottom) for horizontal scrolling too.


I agree for this 2 buttons.
But the actual vertical scrolling it is not enough instead of pagination ?

Typically I would agree to this. The problem is that I encountered a bug in the “groups”-view.

This bug is not just in the fader itself. I also found out that it’s in the view too. With that I would prefer the pagination because it seems more likely to work for me.

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