Timing (sec) not exact

Hey there

First of all, this is a really pleasant app to work with, especially for a complete beginner as myself. It’s one of the few apps where I didn’t have to think twice to buy the pro version. Photon has allowed me to learn some light engineering in a really short time. Thank you for that!

However, I have now done two shows with it and am not satisfied with the results, because the timing was in both cases off. Our show (theatrical performance) is based on an audio track and timed on the second, so this allows for a complete programming of the lights from the start. I noticed during the first show, that the cues had a delay, which was small at the beginning and then grew over time. At the end of the hour-long show, the program was about 30 seconds off / late.

Back in the studio, I investigated all the sequences and noticed that the timing in the app does not correspond to the timer on my watch or phone: 60 seconds in the app last about 61.5 seconds IRL. This doesn’t sound alarming, but when you have a show running for an hour it’s not so fun to watch it live. So then I recalculated all the times according to this factor (x0.975) and changed them in the sequences. As a result, the next show run smoother, with the timing much better, but still off a few seconds from the audio at the end.

Can you guys please investigate what can be the cause of this timing issue? To check, it’s best to take a long sequence of about 5 minutes to really see the difference. I use the latest app and an iPad Mini 5 on the latest iPadOS.

Thank you for looking intto it.

Hello and thank you very much for the compliments, glad to hear that you like Photon!

I have just reproduced the test that you indicate and indeed it seems that it is not real seconds. I have created presets with 60 seconds difference between them and I differ well of a little less than 2 sec per minute.

Our users have never reported this problem before, so they should not use it like you do. We will look into it.

It will be fixed in the next release :wink:

thanks a lot for the feedback!


The new version of Photon 2.5.2 is now available and fix this problem.
Tell me if it works for you.