Training Videos Coming Soon on recording MIDI

I am making some serious headway in the integration of Photon into our iPad-Based backing tracks through an app called Multitracker. I have figured out some of my programming mistakes and am well on the way to a fairly easy setup for automated MIDI-driven DMX show without having to use Ableton Live (I still love Ableton Live 11, though. I simply don’t use it live at this time. I am using Multitracker.).

I am deploying the light show with one of my bands that I use to test new technology and approaches. We are doing this on April 15th. It is a small outdoor show at a restaurant, so it is low-key. I hope to capture some video of it, and create a comprehensive training on the DMX setup, Photon Programing, MIDI DMX track creation and export, Import to Multitracker (iPad backing track app) and launching all of it in a live environment.

Stay tuned. I am looking at around late April and definitely mid May for a Photon “How-To” video.


Looking forward to more of your incredibly informative videos.

Very very nice ! I am very exciting to see you live show and of course your “How To” video ! I think that your tutorial could help many users to use Photon and setup their DMX show easily. If you need anything like resources or help tell me the Photon team could help you !
Thank you very much John !

Thanks! I am assuming that I am running version 2.3. I bought the pro version about a month ago, so, I am assuming I have the latest version. I have discovered some “good practices” when programming MIDI for Photon to run consistent and smoothly. Most devices are custom, however, I have assigned generic LED lights from Amazon with some device configurations with matching number of channels and it results in an expanded use of the generic LED. Pretty exciting.

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Hey John, I just got to say that you are the man.!!!.. i have learned so much from you. first setting up my Soundcraft UI 16, Then to using Multitracker and now setting up my lighting. Thank you!!! One question. it looks like i need to get the DAW you are recommending, It looks like the version 12 has 2 versions that do MIDI… Will the Artist version do the job?

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Hi Sherman,

Thanks for the encouragement! Yes, Cubase Artist will do the thing that I was doing on the video (Time Stretch Function). I am currently using Ableton Live more than Cubase for the time stretching feature since it is a much quicker way to get things done, and it is very exact. Cubase Artist is $330 and Ableton Standard is $450 (or $75 a month over the course of 6 months). I favor Ableton Live for that. Nevertheless, Cubase is my Go-To studio recording software, and Artist is more than enough technology for that. Again, Ableton does it quicker IMHO, and I plan to do a video on the insanely easy way things get done in Ableton.

Backing tracks are a perfect way to put the power in the hands of the band leader and out of the hands of band members who occasionally threaten to leave, or don’t show enough commitment. Also, if you look at the cover band buzz, audiences are more insistent on better sounding bands because so many of us are using backing tracks.

Let me know if I can help in any way.

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Thank you again John… I actually went back to your training video, (That I have watched each one about 50 times…) and I seen that you was using qbasis as your DAW on the tablet and so my journey begins with that software. When I added my triggers to my backing tracks, I just used Audacity, which is a pain storing the files and transferring them back into multitracker. I like your thought on taking the power out of the hands of bandmates that dont bother to show up…LOL. I have been working on this project for about a year now and have gone through so many people, and have had some even came back. Keep it small and simple and use tracks…LOL

If your ever in the Phoenix area, give me a shout…Ill buy you dinner and hang with you!!!

Right on! If i am in the area inwill look you up! I hope the band stays busy. We are this year, so far.