Transient sync option

New to lighting here and without a manual it’s difficult to learn photon 2. Love what it does but would be great to have more tutorials.

I’m looking to use these lights for live bands on stage and I am wondering if instead of having the sequence play through linearly with the BPM it would be great to have each sequence step advanced by a transient so say if the kick drum is hitting beats 1 3 and 4 it would sync to that instead of just a basic tempo. Love the layout and what you have done so far just hoping to dial the system in a little more!



Hi and welcome Alain !
We know, we have to write a documentation, this is so difficult when you are new on the app.
We are going to create some Youtube capsule videos.

I add your suggestion on our features backlog but for the moment it is not possible to sync light on something else than tempo.
Thank you for this good idea.