Turning on Strobe sets Dimmer to 0

Hi Photon Community!

First of all, thanks for the awesome software! I have managed to add our fixtures and set up groups, now they work fine, except one thing:

I have a fixture (Eurolite SLS-7 HCL) with the following chanels:

1, Dimmer
2, Strobe (10-255, increasing spead)
3-5 RGB
6 White
7 AMber
8 UV
9 preset colors
10 programs

My issue is, that if I am setting strobe (ch2) to any value, photon sets the dimmer (ch1) to 0 and the lights go out.
If I am setting white (ch6) to anything and then set strobe (ch2) to any value, it works as expected, it flashes.

Se the fixture chanels as screenshot attached (ch 2 is the last on the list due to later editing.

Am I doing something wrong or it’s a software issue?

Thanks for your feedback in advance,


thank you for the encouragement, we are very happy to hear that you enjoy Photon!
You are doing everything right, there is a bug since the last version of Photon, we will have to fix it quickly. Next, we will wait the app validation on the App Store by Apple is sometimes a bit long.
thank you very much for alerting us. we will keep you in touch once the new version is available.

Thank you for the fast reply! I’ve just bought the pro version to play with it untill I wait for the update with the bug-fix. Keep up the good work! Regards, Balint

The bug is fixed. you can download the upgrade. Thank you very much for your help !
Happy to know that you like the app, don’t hesitate to review the app on the store :slight_smile:

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thanks, it’s working great now.