U’King - 24pcs RGB 3in1 LED ZQ-B354

Hi smart people, maybe some of you have this bar?? U’King - 24pcs RGB 3in1 LED ZQ-B354 the lights are working whit my own pach on Photon, but my knowledge to pch is very limited, i only been possible to have patch two sliders but i can find brightness and separate the colors thanks.

What channel mode did you try to use? Looking at the manual you provided the 7 ch mode looks to be pretty robust.

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Hi David, dosent matter what channel, but i try many configuration 2ch ,3ch, 4ch, 7ch, 12ch, 24ch, and the best was 7ch also i cant make it work whit music, y try as any configurations but none works whit music :frowning: thanks.