Understanding preset behaviour

Hello there, enjoying using the Photon App. I’m almost doing what I want to with it but need to confirm my understanding of the how the presets behave and if there is an alternative that I need to look at.

I am triggering presets via midi. There are ten presets set up and the music program I am using triggers a preset every 15 minutes or so.

When the trigger occurs the new preset highlights and activates the lights but the old/current preset stays highlighted and if I then send a new trigger to that preset it is THEN turned off but the lights don’t change.

My expectation is that the behaviour would trigger the new preset and disable the existing preset ready for use. Basically a light change consists of fading in one preset and fading out an existing one.

Is there a way of doing this from one trigger? Or do I have to send two midi triggers (one to trigger the new preset and one to deactivate the old preset)?

Is this possibly a new behaviour option that can be attached to a preset, that the preset fades out/deactivates when a new preset is triggered?

I know I can set up a sequence but the movement between states is randomly chosen and the timescales are longer than the options available.

Thank you!

Hello! I think that the function you asked for is not implemented in Photon, but it‘s already suggested: Dashboard button groups
Another idea for you now: You can set the buttons in flash buttons, so can send the Midi signal for the whole 15 Minutes and after it you deactive the signal and activate the new one.
Another thing about the tine in sequences: you can set the time higher than the fader allows. Press in the field with the number of seconds or bpms and enter a higher number, 900 seconds (15 minutes) worked in my case.

Great, thank you. Look forward to it.

Currently preset buttons have two behaviors, Toggle or Flash. Toggle requires one trigger to turn on and another to turn off. Flash trigger turns on and stays on as long the button is depressed.

What is needed is a 3rd behavior called Latch or Group which I’ve requested. All buttons set to Latch would turn off any other Latch buttons when triggered. This would provide the functionality you need. A potential downside is there could only be one group of Latched buttons.
Other lighting programs allow multiple groups of latched buttons to be created.

Thank you DavidO.

I note from the other request threads that this feature is a current priority for the devs.

Hello !
yes this feature is asked by many users, you have to implement it on Photon. The “Solo/Latch” mode button or a “group of button with only one active” can be a solution to your problem.
I promise, we’ll code this first! We had little time available for this development.

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I’m glad to hear this feature is a priority. IMO this one feature could really open up Photon to a much wider audience, especially in the midi world.

I’m available to beta test whenever it’s ready.

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