Unexpected Changes to Existing Presets

I’ve noticed that presets seem to “randomly” change their fixture characteristics when other presets are changed. For example, my setup has (8) Slimpar 56s and (1) Gigbar2. Every fixture is only in a single group of 1 (no multiples). I have a preset for each group (fixture) that sets it to pure white and all the other fixtures to black (off). This allows me to create a chase or turn on a single spot light. However, if I make a change in another preset that also affects traits in this fixture/group, the parameter changes and I suddenly have extra (wrong) parameter settings in an untouched preset. In the case of “SP1 White” (for example) instead of just having SP1 on full white I now suddenly have SP3 as green (part of another preset) and sp7 strobing (yet another preset). To fix this I must correct every fixture on every “broken” preset one at a time. It will remain stable and working until I need to change/add something else. I’ve attached my setup and design if this helps. Thanks! Photon Presets and Sequences|690x335 Photon (1 show, ver2).phos (596.2 KB)