Unreal Engine DMX Control

Your product looks amazing - I am very interested to use it with the Unreal game engine which supports full DMX control via Artnet. I dont see any tutorials or info about connecting Photon to Unreal or any pre exisiting libraries available within the app. Is this something you may consider adding? This would be super valuable not just for myself but for the many users who use Unreal engine for live events and virtual performances. Thanks!

Hi Clarke and welcome !
For the moment you can’t connect Photon to other remote protocol (except Ableton Link for music sync).
Different users asked us to control Photon with Artnet/DMX signals or MIDI.
In a next version of Photon we will integrate MIDI, do you think it can run with Unreal Engine ? What is your real use case ?

Interesting ok. Our case is that we work in XR - mixed reality performances where a DJ or artist will perform on a small stage where we capture their body motion via a motion capture suit. We then transfer this into Unreal engine where a digital avatar of the artist performs within a virtual environment. Unreal engine has full DMX library and functionality and can be controlled externally by all modern hardware controllers via artnet but it would be amazing to control the DMX using your user friedly app and sequencer functionalities

Hi Clarke ! @Conduit
The implementation of MIDI inputs (triggers) in Photon is now complete and available in the latest version of Photon, you can try it. I’m very curious to see Unreal engine and Photon working hand in hand. Don’t hesitate to give us your feedback and ask us for help if you need it.

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Thanks for letting me know! Ill keep you updated

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