Update Request - Presets and Live Dashboard

I know this question has been asked before but, Can we get a date on when an update will be made to the program that will allow additional Presets, Sequences and also additions to the Live dashboard. My screens are full and I really need this additional functionality. In previous answer this functionality was to be released before the end of 2022. Please advise. Thanks

Hello @Dave !
Sorry but this feature is delayed. We have slowed down the development at the moment in favor of other parts of the project.
Lately we’ve been working on the dark parts of the project that are not necessarily in view of the users but that allow the app to live:

  • Setting up a Photon Business app (for companies, with a lot of negotiation with Apple to get there)
  • Setting up advertising campaigns to stay on top of the App Store
  • Improvement of our referencing on google

These are not things that bring features to users but they are essential for Photon to continue to thrive.

We will add new features soon when all this part will be done, we have also a problem with the in app purchase on Mac M1 to fix before.
Know that in any case it is THE priority feature to date

Thank you for your understanding