Updates? Are any close to being released?

Can we get a reasonable estimate on when the next update will be and what will be included? I really need to be able to accommodate additional presets and sequences. This ability has been alluded to well over a year ago. Be honest, should I just move to a different program?

I don’t understand the feature you’re waiting for. Can you give me more details?
We don’t have a release date for the moment. We’re working on stabilizing the app, adding devices to the list of features, the Photon for Business part and the application servers.
We’ll be working to ensure that Photon works properly on future versions of iOS. The next feature to be added will be the multi-dashboard, but some performance problems have made us reconsider our copy.

Hello, I am referring to this question. There have been references to this for a couple of years. Please advise. Thank you.

The live page will not be bigger, but we are creating a simple system to create multiples dashboards. It is under development and it will be available (for free) on the next release. I can’t give you a date for the moment.


Glad to hear it. Really appreciate the information. I hope it happens soon.

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