Upgrade pricing

I tried Photon2 for the 1st time last night. Very impressive!
I saw on your website a promotion for 512 at $49.99 but that was not available to me at the Apple store and I had to settle for 128 at $54.99
What happened there?

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Hello, I sent you a reply by email, did you received it ?

I’m very happy to hear that you are interested in Photon, I hope we will be as good and even better than MagicQ. We have to work hard but we will did it !
It’s very strange that you couldn’t benefit from the promotion, it’s normally active until 31/12.
To compensate, I offer you this App Store voucher code that will allow you to migrate from Starter Plan to Pro Plan.

Enjoy and don’t hesitate to share your review if you like Photon :slight_smile:

Very kind of you, thank you. I will most certainly help promote

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