Use my iPhone 14

Is there any way I can port this to my iPhone? I currently am using my ipad to run sound wirelessly for a band and would like to run the lights through my iPhone. In order to do that I need the app to work on my iPhone. Please help

Just FYI, I currently use my iPad to run Sound Wireless, and Photo2 runs in the background to run my light program. I keep the main app BandHelper on top most of the time, and flip to these two other programs as needed. Being on the same iPad, I can get MIDI triggers between my apps as well, usually BandHelper sending MIDI to control lights or mixing board settings.

I really appreciate your response. The challenge for me is that the lead singer/guitarist also uses Bandhelper and he uses it to communicate with his footpedal (bluetooth).
The issue is, he turns on the song, it communicates with his footpedal and it can communicate with my ipad or iPhone via bluetooth. BUT, the ipad/iPhone cannot connect with my network because it is communicating (via bluetooth). I hope that makes sense.
I am searching for a solution (wireless). I really appreciate your response. I have it working very well and have programmed lights for about 40 of 200 songs at this point.

Hey - wish could help or even understand better, but am not a real savvy computer guy. Just thought your setup sounded similar to mine. I use Bluetooth to connect iPad to my guitar footpdeal, and at same time iPad is connected to my router/network in the rack to control my sound board and lights (over Ethernet to ArtNet w/ DMXKing eDMX1). Matter of fact from the Artnet box I have a Donner wireless DMX dongle that transmits to each light/receiver - so no more DMX cables to run… sooo much better/faster setup than I used to do. All the best.

Thanks for your response. It does sound like we have similar setups. I play in a trio. We use Bandhelper for pretty much everything. We all hate wires so, getting rid of them is a priority. The guitarist controls Bandhelper for all of us. When he starts a backing track (in our case, bass and a click) his iPad sends a Bluetooth signal to his footpedal and to our iPads. I was hoping that the Bluetooth signal that I receive from him would trigger not only the song to begin but the lights as well. My iPad then is hooked into a network that runs a mixing board and various Chauvet gadgets that send the lighting info to the lights. Everything works great on my iPad. Very little latency. BUT, when I link my iPad to his iPad via Bluetooth, I cannot link my iPad to the router. I ordered a Ethernet adapter for my iPad, going to give that a shot and see if it works. Thanks again for reaching out on this.

Bill, thanks for your help. I was able to get everything to work as I need all wireless. It was a user error with regards to setting up the Bluetooth between the iPads. Looking forward to our first show with this lighting setup. I will post a video when I get some time in January.