Virtual DJ / Ableton Link / Dynamic BPM

As you may know I am looking for a solution for some realtime bpm tracking. I was trying Virtual DJ in combination with Ableton Link.

I am no expert in bpm or djing. But the problem here was, that the bpm, even in VirtualDJ, is static. The thing is the bpm transmitted from VirtualDJ to Photon2 is the static bpm calculated for the whole song.

The important thing, the tempo in each sector of the song, is missing and not transmitted to Photon2. This fact makes Ableton Link, in the case of Virtual DJ, useless to me.

But. I could be stupid. Would be great to receive any help here. I am open to use any DJ software you know. But this “static per song calculated bpm” is more useless than a microphone line.

Hi !
I’m not using VirtualDJ, I use Djay and it is 1 only fixed BPM per track. The BPM is calculate one time for all the track. The BPM changed only when you switch between songs. I think it is the same for VDJ. :confused: