What hardware recommandations for photon 2


i still have random crashes on ipad air 2. i really like photon2 and want to keep going with it.
what hardware should i go with? what ipad model, what wifi to dmx box. can custom fixtures cause photon2 to crash?


I just got a dmxking eDMX MAX and love it. Works flawlessly. DMXking eDMX1 MAX - ArtNet/sACN to DMX Controller — DMX Pro Sales

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I use the Chauvet DMX-AN2, with a small WiFi router and that bit works perfectly as far as the dmx control out goes. Have an iPad Air 5th generation on the latest apple update and get fewer crashes than I used to with an older iPad. I still occasionally have an app crash … but it seems now to only be when I am programming not in Live mode (knock on wood). Still, I keep a habit of closing and reopening the app at each band break when I think of it, and I do it just before we start playing, if I have a chance. With all that I’ve not had any crashes while playing live now for a long time which is nice.

I am no expert but have worked my way through this and here is what I use. Pretty new iPad running photon2. WIFI out from iPad to linksys router. Cable to the DMX-AN2. I have played five shows with this setup without crashes though the app crashes pretty routinely during set-up. I am a beginner at midi and dmx so my opinions should be viewed in that context. The WiFi-DMX-AN2 seems pretty solid. I suspect the crashes are intrinsic to the iPad and app.

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Moved to ipad pro and app still crashes alot. I started everything from scratch and still crashes.
I am usung a Showtec NET-2/3 Pocket artned wdmx router. Could this cause the problems? Also i have patched alot of solo fixtures as i am running selfmade LED installations. I desperately looking for a solution to get this running as i like the simplicty on the app. I‘d give it 5 stars if it wouldn‘t crash. After a year messing around with photon 2 i am at 0.

Please help me out!

I use iPad Pro 11, 4th gen, a wireless router and eDMX1 Max and it has worked good for me. I have have used it for a few gigs now and I am very satisfied. I use the Stage Traxx 3 app to control Photon 2 with midi.

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