Which app would work better, Photon or Photon 2?

I am currently using the free version of the Photon and Photon 2 app. I’m trying to decide which one would be more effective for my band to run during live shows. We do not have a dedicated light engineer so would be running the lights ourselves from the stage. Before I bought the more in depth version of either app I thought I would reach out to see 1) if anyone has used both and could suggest which one might be more efficient to use while performing and 2) if I purchase the app on my ipad, would I be able to send the settings for our shows to another ipad without having to buy the software again. Thank you for your time.

Hi Sean and welcome !
The more effective app will be Photon 2 if your iPad is compatible with iOS 13 and more.
The first Photon (blue icon) is here for older iPad but it will not be updated with new features anymore. So, for your first question, I suggest you to buy Photon 2.

For the second, you can export your show on the “Shows” Home Screen by email, airdrop… So you will be able to send it on another iPad. You don’t have to pay twice the app if you want to unlock it again on an iPad with the same App Store account or with Family Sharing, otherwise must must buy it again.

I hope that I answered your questions well and that I could help you.