4-Bar Devices in Photon?

Hi. I just bought an ADJ GoBar plus IR. It’s one of the all-in-one lights with 4 pars connected to one stand, with one DMX input to control all of them. I created a 19-channel device in Photon (referencing the manual that came with my light) in order to control each light separately. However, when I add that device as a group, I am only able to control all 4 lights together. Do you have any guidance as to how I should set this up inside Photon?


I think you have to set each PAR up as an own device. I don‘t know which channels are used for which case. A chase-effect (I think that is what you want to do) is already requested, but not implemented yet.
Another solution: you can add each PAR with dolour presets to the custom controls, but then, the colour picker has no sense.
So, split the device up and add each PAR as one group.

The first answer of this topic is maybe also helpful:

Hi, i think you must change to another mode on the fixture .
Mode 1> Mode 2 or 4