Beta Test Photon 2.6+

Would like to Beta Test Photon 2.6+

Currently evaluating 2.5.3 from the App Store. Have many suggestions and requests, but from what I’ve read here, it appears much of that is being worked on in Beta 2.6. Chatter seems to indicate we might be near public release of 2.6? If not, I’d like to request access via Test Flight to do some testing and assist as possible. (Don’t want to waste time suggesting things that are already in place.)

I have experience in professional lighting, midi->dmx, Ableton Live, and a keen interest in UI design.

I meant to tag @Cclleemm on this.

How i can get Beta acess?

Hello @phishroom and @toniojst !

It would be a pleasure to give you access to the beta version of photon!
Please send me by private message the e-mail address used by your iPad App Store account.
Be sure to save your shows, as these beta versions sometimes contain bugs that can affect your shows. Then don’t forget to send your feedback here: Ready to test beta version with multi pages!

Thank you!

Hi @phishroom did you already get invitation for beta access? becuse i still waiting :frowning:

hello, is the beta version oujt and can i test it?