Ready to test beta version with multi pages!

:wink: all is in the title :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Not sure that there is much interest in making this happen. According to earlier posts it was going to happen at the end of last year. Might be time to move on

It would be nice, because once you run out of room on the page, you cannot implement any more MIDI triggers to automate (I am referencing the LIVE panel BTW).

Hello guys,
we can provide a beta soon but be aware that it can cause bugs, you can loose your shows. That’s why we prefer test internally for now.
We can publish this beta but be sure to export and save your show.
We will keep you in touch in few days

Greattttt !

Personally I download for each show an archive in my Gdrive
Maybe, I can try the beta version on my regular iPad2 and let my iPad pro with the version ?


The new Photon 2.6 BETA version is available. This will allow you to create multiples dashboards for each show.

You can also name your dashboard, as @Pinkfloyd asked : Add show to Live Dashboard

Feel free to try it and give us a feedback if you find bugs. Translations and UI/UX improvement will be added.
Thank you for your patience. We’ve also added optimizations to reduce the impact on battery life in background mode.

Enjoy !

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Hi Clement, do you have a spécial link to download the beta version ?

I will test it this week!

You have to download it through TestFlight, the app from apple to test apps before their publication on the App Store.
Please send we your Apple ID email by private message if you want to become a Photon 2 beta tester.

Seems to be working fine on 2 of my iPads so far. I plan to test it in a live show this coming Saturday, so more to come.

One thing I do note so far - would be very helpful to be able to move buttons from screen to screen - so we can organize and arrange the multiple pages without recreating the button… or did I miss it?


PM sent ! Hope you have received it

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Multiples dashboards is very better to organize buttons !

First impressions

  • I cannot find how to rename dashboards (not clear)
  • it would be great to allow drag and drop between dashboards. At least, in each buttons settings, selection of dashboard (to keep icons, midi …:wink:
  • when importing one show from big ipad to small one, all icons ‘outside the frame’ have been put one case1,1
  • also, maybe can we choose the size of the grid in the dashboard ?

I will test next days midi trigger through all dashboards to see the behavior


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After this first try, app crashes each time I start it…
IPAD air2 iOS 15.7.5

The only way is to delete the beta, and to reinstall


As I purchased a new iPad I can try the beta version

As I previously said, a copy/paste function between dashboards will be useful to organize / re organize. Today, you need to make all photon properties manually and connect your midi controller to affect the midi message


Good day to you Clement. Went to run Photon 2 Beta 2.6.0 this morning and my iPad says “Beta Expired” and won’t run. I searched the App store, but only found the older release version 2.5.3. Is there a new release or can we get a refresh on the Beta… I am hesitant to install the older version, but if you say that works just as well I can do that.

Hi Clement,

Why the beta 2.6 was not released as a new version? Any issues ?