Beta testers, Photon 2 needs you!

:wave: Clément here, co-founder of Photon

You might not know me, I’m crazy about lighting and we launch Photon (2017) without to knowing what to expect… and surprise!… you are now over 10,000 with Photon on your iPads! Many of you are asking us for tons of cool new features and more devices to control with your finger. The problem: Photon needs to be redesigned.

:thinking: The problem

There are dozens of tools to help you manage your lights, however, these tools are often ugly and not very user friendly.
Photon had work to do to heat up the dancefloor! Some instability issues were to be fixed in order to avoid making everyone fall into the dark…
Therefore, we had the challenge of preparing the future and the brand new foundations : a convenient and customizable interface.
After hours and hours of thinking, mock-ups and testing, we need you to make this app your app!

:hammer_and_wrench: The solution… work hard to introduce you Photon 2 !


  • Presets are the basis for creating and recording beautiful atmospheres for your show. Photon 2 will allow you to create both for all of your groups (capture the complete scene) but also for very precise properties such as only for the positions (tilt / pan) of your lights. @MDSurveyor now there are Presets on Show Page :partying_face:
  • Are you a Sunlite follower or for luckiests among you a GrandMa user ? You will definitely love to create your own interface and turn your iPad into a real elegant personalized lighting control platform? On Photon 2, the lights mixing dashboard is actually crazy, you have to try it :exploding_head:

  • Live mode « on », the show must go on ! Once activated, your iPad is safe and the interface elements are locked so that you cannot accidentally edit or remove them. And of course @ToreL, we haven’t forgotten you, App runing in background :smirk:

  • And with all that, plenty of other improvements were made but I won’t spoil you too much and leave you some nice surprises

:fist: I need you !

Now that we are so close to the goal we need testers, people ready to take this last step with us ! We have released a BETA and would love to hear your feedback and notice us any bugs you would find (there won’t be any :nerd_face:).

It will be thanks to you and the community that we will succeed in the making Photon 2 the best DMX app on iPad!

Contact me by PM or reply to this thread, I’ll give you an early access to Photon 2 :heart:

Thank you and let me know what you think!


I was really looking forward to an update of Photon, this application is great, few iOS applications allow control of DMX fixtures or they are not design or intuitive. However, there are still so many new features that could make Photon as professional as some PC or MacOS apps.
I can’t wait to test this new version.

Many thanks to the developers for all the time invested :heart:

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Thank you @eliot_wbr and welcome on the Photon community !
We do our best, I hope you will enjoy this new version, Photon is becoming more and more professional.
Send me your email address (you used on your iPad) by private message and I will explain you how to obtain the early access for beta testing :star_struck:

When do you plan to launch the new Photon2? Can I still help by testing the beta version of the app? (If IOS 12.5.1 is enough)

I’m sad because Photon 2 will only works on iOS13.5+…
If you have another device you can participate to the beta campaign with pleasure ! We plan to release it in March :crossed_fingers:

OK! When I have a new iPad, I will write.

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I already have an Ipad with iOS 14.4 so I could test the Beta version of the app. How much time is left for testing?

Hi Boris !
A new iPad :heart_eyes:enjoy it !
I will publish a new beta test version (today maybe) and I will add you to the beta-testing campaign. Thank you for your contribution, I hope you will love it

Can you send me your Apple account email by private message please , I will add you.

Interested in helping to test the beta. Do not know how to private message

I sent you a private message, just answer to send me you email :slight_smile:

Hello, I’d like to try out the photon 2 :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi! SO GREAT to hear that you’re putting so much energy into this app! I just love how you’ve managed to keep this simple & clean, yet powerful.

I’d love to be part of the Photon v2 beta if that’s possible?

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@strngluv and @kevin.pritchard thank you very much !
Of course you can participate to the beta version, it is finish soon but it steel some days for lasts bugs.
Very happy to hear that you like Photon !!
Please send me a private message with your apple account email.

Great, thanks! Not sure how to send a private message though!

Welcome to Photon 2

Thank you very much all beta testers !
We will offer the Starter Plan ($49) to all our incredible beta-testers who sends us a feedback ! Please send me a private message I will send you a voucher.
Special thanks to @eliot_wbr, @Boris, @kevin.pritchard, @jesseseetai for your very good job :clap:

It is released, we are very proud and it is just a beginning. Continue to send us feedback and suggestions.

If you love Photon 2, don’t hesitate to send us a review on the App Store, it will help us very much !!! :heart:

Excellent news! Can’t wait to use it at the next gig!