Hold a Scene State

Hello Photon Community/Devs!,

I am really enjoying using the App. I am using it to drive a Philips Hue setup using hue-dmx over Art-Net. I am wondering if it is possible to “hold” the state of a scene.

The example here is that I have a sequence that fades all lights down and then only the fades up the lights in the “STAGE” group with a blue character. I want the state of the lights to hold until I fade them down. I notice if I hit stop on the sequencer it takes the state that is at the beginning of sequencer and not where the playhead is.

Hi Phillf !
I didn’t know hue-dmx, it looks like interesting.
We are glad to hear that you like Photon, it makes us very happy :wink:

In the current version of Photon it is possible to do this but it is REALLY not user-friendly.
You can create a cue in the “all” group which turns off everything, and a cue in the “stage” group which lights up in blue.
You can edit the cues by long pressing on them and assign them transition times.
Then you can access your cues from the dashboard by long pressing on the group name. this will make your cues appear as a circle. Then you can press both cues at the same time.

Photon is not currently scheduled to do “one time” sequences.We are developing a future major version of photon which will allow us to create “presets” as well as “one time” sequences. This version should please you but it is not yet released.

We should finish this version within 2 months and I hope you will have the patience to wait to tell us what you think :slight_smile:

Looking forward to it. As I said I am already enjoying using Photon. It’s primary use for me is so that I can design light cues to go with a friend’s live synth performances on Twitch. It’s nice having a separate control surface from the desktop which is already running OBS Studio, Reaper, and a few other things. The iPad on the far left is my Photon control surface. I am probably going to be demoing it on Twitch at some point.

I am willing to bet that Philips Hue via Art-Net control wasn’t a use case you expected, let alone considered, when conceptualizing Photon.

Great work so far! Keep it up!