Documentation? Tutorials? Manual?

Is there any documentation for Photon or Photon 2?

Tutorials? Manuals?

I’ve had Photon for ages and just noticed Photon 2 is out

I”ve never been able to get a handle on how to use Photon but maybe I just need to sit down and work with it for a while

I’ve seen the help tips in the app but I’m interested in the bigger picture of what’s possible and how to achieve it

I have plenty of experience with lighting and consoles so I’m mostly interested in syntax rather than semantics

There is a tutorial to connect Photon to your DMX fixtures :

We really need to create another tutorial to explain how to create presets, sequences.
Then, a dashboard tutorial can also help people to customize Photon.
This is something we want to do but we don’t speak very well English and we need to be courageous to write documentation :wink:


Thanks, Clément, that would be really helpful

If I look at Photon competitors I can see quickly which are suitable for different situations, but with Photon I have to experiment which is a barrier to use

It looks promising so if I can find the time I will put in the effort

Thanks for replying and for your work on the app

in any case you’re right! we must put a little energy to create some tutorials or a manual. Many new potential users start from Photon and quit because they are lost.
Can you explain what is difficult for you ? Artnet configuration, fixtures creation, animations, dashboards…

Thank you very much for your help

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I second this request… We really need soup to nuts videos to help us along the process from adding devices, scenes, sequences, etc. Then creating the LIVE view and running the show.

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We are working on several videos to explain each steps. We will publish it on YouTube in some weeks.

Is there anything out there for helping with getting started. I’m not a lighting expert but want to use this app. I just bought the Pro edition.

That would be great - I am struggling on putting it all together and really need to understand how this product is to be used. It looks great, if only I could run it!

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Hi !
As you asked us, we have been working on the beginning of a documentation. It will be improved with time but I hope it can already help you to use the app : Photon 2.2 and the embedded User Guide

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