Launch scene with perfect sync

I guys ! I am new in dmx world and I have some questions ! But the first and most important is that : I’m working in video and ad, and I’m moco operator (I play with a Mrmoco Bolt). I use every time very précise sync timing with my effects (solénoïds, triggers, servomotor, etc) and now I want to work with dmx too. My question is : how I can trig thé dmx séquence and the robot move art the same Time ? I have ethernet connector or Relay box to control that… any ideas ? Thanks !! Mathieu

Hi !
I didn’t know about Mrmoco Bolt, I just googled it, it’s crazy !!
With this Photon version it is not possible to trigger things from an external event. We synchronize with music throw the mic or with a protocol named Ableton Link.
We are working (very) hard on a second version of Photon and we are thinking about a MIDI trigger but it is not code yet.
In this case, you will maybe be able to trigger the light sequence with a MIDI signal. With the Mrmoco Bolt is it possible to generate MIDI signal on your network or something like that ?
Otherwise there must surely be this very specific kind of software to do that but I can’t give you a name, I don’t know them.

Salut Clément ! happy to talk with you ! Thanks for your huge job and your answer,
I’m searching infos about Ableton link but I think isn’t the solution !
Yesterday I find Korg NanoKontrol. This hardware is working with your app ? If I click on the play button, can I launch a photon sequence ?! Because in this case, I can solder banana plugs in the switch and trig it with the robot !!

I don’t know how the Bolt can understand MIDI. I will ask it to Mrmc :wink: But I know there is a LTC 3.5mm jack I can use to work with Time Code… Can be useful with photon ?

Merci beaucoup !
I just have a look to Korg NanoControl. It seems work with Core MIDI and it is compatible with iPad if you connect it with an USB adapter.
I’m also interested to know which protocol used your jack connector for the timecode.
We have not begin the code for external Photon trigger modes, informations will be very helpful for us to understand and develop something compatible with your crazy robot !

Until we find a solution to automate the triggering, is it the possibility of creating customizable buttons that trigger the lights and sequences that you need can interest you?

A dashboard like that ?

Hi Clement ! Thanks ! Yesterday, I try something : I can trig an app named GoButton with an OSC command !! look at that

If I can do the same thing with photon should be awesome !!

I will ask about TC protocol, I don’t really know how is working.

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Ok I understand that Flair is the software to control your robot and the Go Button app can control it ? That’s it ?
So you want to launch robot sequences and Photon lights with GoButton app (with OSC commands) ?
That’s it ?

Hey Mathieu ! @Sanglier
It took us a little while but it’s done ! The implementation of MIDI inputs (triggers) in Photon is now complete and available in the latest version of Photon, you can try it and tell us if it is compatible with your Mrmoco Bolt :slight_smile:
I will be impressed to see the result!