Live Mode Moving Fixture Strange Behavior

This troubleshooting topic related to: RockOn-7 Custom Fixture

The custom fixtures I created for the Rockville RockOn-7 moving heads appear to work properly and I have saved many presents with unique motion and colors. These all work as separate presets and as part of larger sequences as expected.

However, when I now put Photon into LIVE mode, the moving heads behave strangely (motion and lighting). This problem goes away when I go back away from LIVE mode.

Video linked here: Moving head odd behavior in Live mode

Show attached for reference.2LM WIP.phos (665.3 KB)

Hi mchrysoc

I have downloaded your phos file

On preset all blues for example for the right moving head, you apply only color and position and no dimmer,

In creative mode, this preset will be applied on the top of the current state and in live mode, this preset will be applied on black background (ie all properties at 0)

Can you try to set Dimmer on the preset ?

Thanks you :slight_smile:

That’s it! Is there any way to toggle “creative mode” to behave like “live mode”? It seems the only way to ensure everything works as designed is to make sure every parameter is set on every fixture in every preset, whether you use it or not.