Rockville RockOn-7 Custom Fixture

I created a custom fixture for the Rockville RockOn-7 moving head fixture (which I shared via the app after creating it). I notice that even though the fixture only has RGB and W color control, I still always get an “A” and “UV” slider on the main page of the fixture (even though I didn’t define these). They don’t do anything but are always there on all custom fixtures I create. Is this expected or am I doing something wrong?

You can see this detail in the attached image.

The manual for the fixture is here: Rockville RockOn-7 Manual

The custom fixtures I created appear to work properly and I have saved many presents with unique motion and colors. These all work as separate presets and as part of larger sequences as expected.

However, when I now put Photon into LIVE mode, the moving heads behave strangely (motion and lighting). This problem goes away when I go back away from LIVE mode.

Video linked here: Odd fixture behavior in LIVE mode

Hello :slight_smile:

The first view of a group is not dynamic

All channels still here

Only the custom properties view is dynamic