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I try to set myself apart with the lighting technology. I am impressed that there is such an app. Which theoretically offers a lot exactly for people like me. We’re a band and we’re all just musicians. But somehow i recognized that in the DMX world doesn’t exist a Manual from A-Z. If I buy a mixer for sound, my wife could even put it into operation, sorry :slight_smile: Now my question. I have a DMX recorder with WiFi and network connection. I have 4 moovings and 4 lamps. Where can I get information from A-Z about create profiles and set up every with single step… Thank Youuuu :slight_smile:

Hello @Partyband_Hochzeitsb,

unfortunately there is no documentation at the moment. Are you a bit into Lightningequipment / DMX etc?
Photon2 is a bit confusing in the beginning - especially for new people. There is a small “tour” with the needed steps.

First of all you need to connect your iPad (via ethernet / wlan) to your router / art-net-node. If you connected those two devices successful, you can start configuring your fixtures.

Click on the button “Devices” and search for your devices. I am sure that your fixture is in the database. Now edit the DMX channels and add your fixtures.

After that you can go to the tab “Light control” and add groups (via “+”-button > Group). Here you can group multiple fixtures so control them all at once. If you want them to display different pattern you have to create a group for each fixture. That could be a bit confusing, but that’s it at the moment.

After that you can create presets. Edit the groups like you want them. After that click on the button on the top right with the “+”. Here you select “Preset”. With that the current group configuration will be saved to the pop-up-thingy. You can create multiple presets. Even more with the “Starter/Pro”-version :slight_smile:

Lastly you can create a sequence. That’s basically like playing selected presets in a row.

And there you go. Now you can go to the “Live”-tab and create buttons for each option you want your wife to control on stage. haha.

If you are using sound for your show I would recommend the option “Automatic (build-in mic)”. In most cases, to be honest in my cases, the iPad is far away from the speakers or the sound is not good enough at the place where I sit. With a adapter you can input sound from your mixer to your iPad. In the moment you inser the mic, the iPad will deactivate the build-in mic. Ableton Live is useless for your case if you are playing live music.

Well, that’s Photon2 in a nutshell. I hope i didn’t miss anything important. If you have more questions feel free to ask.

Schönen Abend noch :slight_smile:

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Hi @Partyband_Hochzeitsb !
As you asked us, we worked on a user manual. It will be improved with time but I hope it can already help you to use the app : Photon 2.2 and the embedded User Guide