Sequencer Time Rate Question

Before I upgrade to the full version with the sequencer I have a question. I am trying to program fast strobe like sequences with each part of the sequence only last around .02 seconds. is this possible in the sequencer? I tried doing this on a friends version of Luminair 3 but in that app the fastest you an sequence is .1 seconds. Thanks for your time.


Hi Jesse !
The sequencer in Photon is a timeline, so you will create cell with your fingers, I think you’ll can’t be such as precise to do it.
In the next version of Photon you could create sequences by typing the value of each scene.
So it will be possible in Photon 2.

But remember that controlling lights is based on Art-Net or sACN protocol and each frames is send at 44Hz (with a perfect WIFI), so the minimum scene size must be 0.0227 sec.

If you want to try Photon 2 send me a private message with you apple account email and I will add you to the Beta-testing program. (Beta testers, Photon 2 needs you!)

I hope you will enjoy it !

Hey, I feel dumb but I can’t figure out how to send a private message haha. Can you please send me one?