Setting Sequences for songs

My goal is to set up a sequence for each song on the playlist I use for shows (Bandhelper). I would then have Bandhelper trigger the sequence for each song when we begin it. changes in the presets would happen through triggering from the backing tracks. Has anyone done this? Am I on the right track?

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Some people do this with MIDI timecoding

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I also use BandHelper with Photon2, work great. My band doesn’t use click track or backing tracks, so I am limited in what I can program using song timing.

One work around I have used - I have BandHelper automation set to change several things on song selection (lights off, change patch on FM9, turn reverb off on mixer, then turn on low stage lighting of chosen color and spotlight on singer for talking)

On ‘second song selection’ in BandHelper (midi footswitch for me) I send BandHelper ‘Next Midi’ when song starts, which turns on board reverb and selects my light preset for the song. If I want several light changes in the song, I can use my footswitch ‘Next Midi’ to select as often as I wish, going from light preset to light preset in order as stored with the song in BandHelper

As you play to tracks, you could program a Midi track using DAW and have it play with your tracks and it will automate preset light changes as you asked. I have loaded a Midi track in BandHelper and played it to automate changing my guitar patches (just playing around really), but again we don’t use tracks so I am not sure about how you make sure they start at the same time (backing track and Midi file) - am sure BandHelper will do that, though.

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Thanks for your help. I was able to get the lights to work wirelessly through the Photon 2 app yesterday. Today I am going to work on triggering through midi and bandhelper. I will post, if I actually can make it work. Ha

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I also use Bandhelper. Starting up a fully sequenced duo and planning to do this. I also have Multitracker 2.2, User Calicreed has a great YT video showing how to automate Photon with a standard MIDI file played along with tracks in Multitracker songs. Right now I’m in the process of queuing up Muktitracker playback per song from Bandhelper, doing this with program changes in Bandhelper presets aligned with hand assigned PCs per song in Multitracker . My bandmate will manually trigger each song’s start to sync up with a scrolling teleprompter per song on his keyboard (simultaneous button press), using a Korg nanoKONTROL Studio via Bluetooth that he’ll also use to mix relative track volumes in Multitracker on the fly to suit different venues. I’m open to info sharing outside this forum. tom at tommullinmusic dot com

Good Morning. Using Zion’s videos, I was able to run backing tracks, lighting and effects (for guitar) all off of Bandhelper. We now have over 200 songs programmed and so far, it has been solid. We have also been using BH in a way that allows our lead singer to trigger everything with one touch and all of our iPads move in sync with his. We have used it in small gigs up to large gatherings 20k+ people with no problems. Our lighting is also battery powered and works off of Chauvet D-FI and so far so good. Best of luck with your vision. Trying to minimize the programs and pieces of equipment was our driving factor.