Strobe is unintentionally turned on in live-mode


I’ve created a preset for white light on my 8-channel RGBW light. In Live panel I’ve created a button in order to achieve fade-in effect. When the button pressed the dimmer fades-in together with the white colour. But the strobe also fades in, even if it is not intended. When the strobe isn’t included than it is 100% (255). How can I keep the strobe on 0% during the fade-in/out?

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Hi @Jellybeanz !
I think I understood part of your problem but could you detail with a screenshot or an export of your show please?

It is maybe also the same problem here : Strobe Fader mistake in livemode

Hi Cclleemm,

I guess my problem is exactly as in the thread that you refer to. When I activate the Live mode, the shutter is changed to 255 (100%), even if all the other values are 0. The preset that I activate has the shutter value 0. But when the preset is activated in the Live mode, the shutter gets 255 as default. As I don’t have a fader for the shutter in my Live Dashboard, I don’t have the possibility of changing the shutter to 0 manually. Is there any solution for this phenomena?

Okay I understand well, this is the same bug, we have to fix it !
We have to found how to fix it and we will publish a new photon release. I will keep you in touch when it will be ready. Unfortunately for the moment you have to find an alternative way.
Thank you for your feedback

OK, thank you very much

Still a problem. This bug has not been fixed and I’m seeing the same thing in Live Mode.

Same here than the other topic

The shutter property on fixture builder has three attributes
One closed (optionnal, when value is 0% no light output)
One range
And one open (100% is full open)

If the lamp strobe from 2 to 255 and still fixed at 1
Set shutter property with range from 2 to 255 and open at 1

I am still having this issue over a year after the bug was reported. Is there any update on a fix?

I don’t have bug with this
I think the fixture is broken, can you tell us which fixture is (if it is in the database)
The open shuttter property have to be set on device at 1
If no open property, it takes the max level of the channel

I’m not sure if they’re in the database or not, DMX addressing doesn’t scare me so I’ve always just added the fixtures manually. I know it’s a software problem because I have had the same exact fixture setup for 3 years and this never used to be a problem. The last 2 years everything worked great! But I updated photon and this started happening. When I click into live mode it turns all the lights off, but all of the strobes on all of my fixtures (3 different fixtures) go to max. So when I fade the lights back on from being turned off, they’re all strobing


Can you share me the phos file of project please ?