Tempo BPM control via MIDI

Hi Clément,
Is there any way to set tempo via MIDI pls? If not, will you add it to the “feature request list” please?


Be really useful to control the sequences from MIDI as well as time and beat.

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You can control it with Ableton Link but no with MIDI.
Maybe it exist a may to control Ableton with MIDI and then Photon with Ableton link.
This is not very convenient I agree…

I have the Pro version of Photon 2. I can’t seem to find anywhere to enable Ableton Link within the app. When I view the BPM popup it shows that Beat Tracker Mode is set to Manual. There is a blue check mark next to the word Manual. I’m unable to change it to anything else. I have the AUM app running with Ableton link enabled. I changed the tempo in AUM but Photon tempo did not change. In AUM when I go to Ableton Link options it shows that there are no Ableton peers connected. I loaded the Animoog app and turned on Ableton Link. Then in AUM it shows 1 peer is connected (Animoog). Photon 2 does not show any other option in Beat Tracker mode other than ‘manual’. In the iPad settings for Photon 2, all options are enabled (microphone, etc.).

In my app (2.5.3) when I open the BPM popup, the Beat Tracker Mode section has three options:

• Manual
• Automatic (built-in mic)
Ableton Link

…and I’m able to change it to “Ableton Link” which shows a new option below the BPM meter called “Ableton Link Settings”. Clicking it opens a new pop-up called Ableton Link, with a switch on/off a switch for In-App Notifications (of Ableton Link peers joining or leaving) and a list of Connected Peers.

Also of note, in the Beat Tracker Mode section the option for “Automatic (built-in mic)” has a gold circled star next to it, indicating that it is a feature of the Pro Version. Since you’re on the Pro Version, I would guess that this gold star is gone, allowing the option to be selected. But perhaps there is a bug where it causes the Ableton Link option to disappear or become un-selectable?

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