Timeline for MP3


this function will be nice to have in the app.

in some Apps there is a Timeline function(its like your sequnce function) (for example: https://www.sunlitepro.com/de/sunlite.htm). This means I add an MP3 for a show dance and than I can add the sequence or effects in the timeline of the song. So you have the effects at the perfect point of the song.

I hope you understand what I mean.

Hello Buka, thank you for the suggestion. it’s a very good idea. It could be a great to connect it the Spotify or Apple Music (and MP3 of course) isn’t it ?
For what use case are you using MP3 and automatic synchronization ? Theater ?

First we have to upgrade the actual timeline to allow an “unlimited” timeline. For the moment the timeline is limited to 64 beats. Then it could be cool to add MP3 from iTunes library for example.

We will add it in our “backlog” but we can’t do it very soon, it is a big work for us :slight_smile:

Thank you very much !


is there any advancement on this “Timeline” function @Buka advised? I would love to see it released.

We are thinking about a new major version of Photon, the sequencer will be upgraded, we don’t know exactly how yet but we think that it is a good idea.
Maybe with a timecoded (seconds) sequences first

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