Transition Time in Sequences

There was a similar question to this about ‘position fade in sequencer’ which is now closed, but reading that thread i think mine is different - apologies if I have misunderstood.

I’m trying to control the position of Acme Scanners - I can do that both individually or individually - via preset buttons “All Left” or “All Right” or via the X/Y control panel.

The problem is switching between these presets in a sequence always a happens at the same speed - i cannot control how long it takes the beams to sweep from left to right. Using the X/Y pad i can manually move the beams very slowly but there is nowhere to program that into sequences.

The existing Duration parameter in the sequencer is how long the fixture remains in that state and the Fade option controls light intensity. I need to be able to program how long it takes to get from one state (DMX value ‘0’ ) to the next state (DMX value ‘255’ ). I presume that is what the FADE function does so maybe the answer would be to provide a choice as to which DMX channel (even better channels!) the fade function controls.

Hope Ive explained that ok

Yes, it is possible to do this with Photon.
You can create 2 presets (left and right) that act ONLY on the position properties. Then group them in a sequence with a duration at 0 and a fade time at 4 (for example). The SCANs will move smoothly to the rhythm of the sequence.

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This is very helpful. Is there a way to modify the X/Y standard location widget (moving cross hair on the X/Y coordinate) to include a few “preset positions”? For example I’d like to also have buttons that I can load with the appropriate DMX setting for “point up”, “point left”, “point right”, etc. Otherwise, I have to just “get close enough” by dragging my finger on the X/Y coordinate for a consistent look. See the fabricated image below as a concept. Thanks!


Many thanks - that did it!!!

Love the concept, great idea :star_struck: