Different colors on a fixture in a group


I am currently setting up Photon2 for a party. I already added all the needed fixtures and split them in 3 groups.

LED Stack (4x Stairville CLB2 4 Compact LED Par System)
LED Bars (8x Stairville Led Bar 240/8 RGB DMX 30°)
LED Spots (6x Stairville LED PAR 64 10 mm black RGB)

So basically if I change the color of for example group LED Spots all fixtures turn let’s say red. Well, that’s the purpose of a group. My question how is it possible to assign a random color to each spot?
I want to create a preset where 2 spots are red, the other 2 spots blue and the last 2 spots green.

I hope that makes sense. Just imagine there are 6 spots in a row pointed to the crowd. I just don’t want them to display the same color at once.

Thanks for your help.

Well, I think I just solved this thing. @Cclleemm can you confirm this for my topic?

If this is right, can we create a feature request to group groups? Something like a [spoiler] thing for groups if you know what I mean? If I add like 18 groups it’s a bit messy. Something like a arrow to open the groups in this?

I just made up a example. Obviously not with this design but you’ll get my point.

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Well, we can close this topic. Just created a feature request for it.